31 July 2011

Art Journal - Me Myself I

This prompt asked us to describe you in 5 words, use a fingerprint and the difficult one for me - rubs on and stickers. Like most of you out there I have a box full of stickers and rub ons but then never really know what to do with them. I wanted to keep more white on the page after my black experiments (more to come but latest layer still drying...)
Last time I used inks and the TH Mask I had mopped up the leftovers on the mask and printed onto the page to use another day and this was it. I then added some American Craft rub ons and 8 yellow fingerprints.
I used up some of the many alpha stickers to create my heading, loyal, messy, strong, creative and quirky. That is just how I feel today - ask me tomorrow or next week and it will be a different set of words. I also used some Moo Stickers and various random stickers. Finally I added some more lush dylusions inks.

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