30 May 2011

Sneak peak of recipe cards and how I love my phone

I have been creating some recipe cards for a swap on UKScrappers - still to finish as I have been away in the far north of Scotland for the holiday weekend. I have created seven cards each using the same recipe for whatever you like Biscotti - each one has a pocket to take the double sided laminated recipe card. The very bright one above is staying with me and the first one is going away as are the other six but I'll save them for another day.

Usually my iphone is surgically attached to my hand but where I was staying there was a limited signal and certainly not enough to access blogger, facebook or any of my other haunts. Four days without access may not seem a lot but it certainly made me realise how much time I normally spend surfing and interacting with people and blogs. We are planning to be away in this spot for a few weeks in the summer and I am already investigating ways to access the internet when away.


  1. Loving those little cupkakes. They look good enough to eat

  2. Called in to see what you have been up to. This is a great idea. Love those cup cakes.
    Have a great weekend.