2 May 2011

Progress in the garden

This time last year we began work creating a new garden in what was a muddy slope which you can see here. A year on a great deal of back breaking work we are beginning to see a garden. During these last two holiday weekends we created a rockery from the boulders we dug out the ground, began painting the fence green and I hammered wire onto the fence with staples and my craft hammer to start encouraging climbers. The work in the garden is also why the blog has been neglected as I only have so much time in the day.

I am hoping the very small rockery plants and climbers will be lush in a few years 

The makeshift fence around the trees is to prevent our puppy Jasper eating the trees as he has already destroyed two small trees, dug up plants and bitten the heads of daffodils and tulips and then spat them out...

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