9 March 2011

Art Journal Fashion

A little bit behind with my journal prompts. Fashion required us to list our best and worst fashion items, use fabric and a picture from a magazine. My background has many layers of photos and paint and then my figure is three different magazine pieces painted and drawn over. The fabric came from one of my old shirts that had ripped beyond repair but I now hoard the old clothes as they come in useful at some point. I used some TH stamps (tiny ones that I bought on QVC). My worst disaster - wearing leggings the first time, never mind now. My favourite items are white linen shirts and hats, with a scarf or two thrown in for luck. I also had to add in a few lines from "Fashion" by David Bowie. Excuse photos as it is late and DS has just arrived home and now we are going to pack...
Lidly pearl acrylics and some magazine photos
Then decided I needed to paint over with Dylusions pink, red and white

Head, legs and body from other magazines and a fair bit of overdrawing.


  1. Love the overcolouring-I can never get it right!The Bowie and background colour is great too!

  2. Excellent page, love the overall look !!

  3. Great collage look, love the inclusion of the lyrics!