21 February 2011

Journal Page using stamps and magazine figures for collage

The colours and emotions in this page reflect how I feel about work just now. I think we all have moments in our life when work or home or relationships seem too much. This is one of the busiest times of the year for us and it coincides with a downturn in behaviour, external examination course work, deadlines and major cuts and job insecurity so really it's not a surprise I feel down about it. In an attempt to put the demons at bay I created the page - which was fun. The journalling is fairly generic but spread about so I have left it readable. The figures symbolise different aspects of work.
I used the Skeleton head from TH stamp and body of man which I then painted and pro markered over
This is a Dylusion stamp for the head but I cut it to change hair -  more pro marker and paints. I'm not happy with the bottom half of this figure and might come back to it and change a little.

Spinning head from Dylusions
I have also spent the day gardening and walking the dog in between some major amounts of marking in an attempt to tire myself out so I won't lie awake at night fretting about work.
I have been experimenting with scheduling blog posts so I am writing this on Sunday evening but have scheduled it to appear on Monday. Why? Exploring the features of blogger.


  1. Hope the demons are at least a little smaller and quieter - you're right, there are times when there's something that all seems too much for anyone at any given time. Hope things are more settled for you soon!

  2. Great page! That's what journaling's all about, expressing yourself, good or bad! Hope things settle down at work soon x