7 December 2010

Calendar/Gardening Book Present Progress

I have been hard at work creating another 8 pages in the calendar/gardening book present I am making for a family member. I used the helping hands kit  for these months as I love the colours and variety - but sticking to Wilna Furstenburg alphabet. Each month has a calender page, Hints and Tips Page, Notes Page and Seeds n Stuff page (with pocket to hold) seeds. It is going a little faster now as I have a template which makes the process a little faster - I just need to stop changing my mind and stick to my original paper and colour choices but then I try something else and before you know another hour has gone. Once I have digitally made all 48 pages I will print out, stick together, add pockets and extra bits and then bond using my new cinch. Still have to make front and back cover and another 7 months in next week or two...

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