10 November 2010

How to make paper flower embellishments and split personalities

Digi and paper tag - one side for each side of me
A plethora of flowers
I needed to create a tag book for my uks group and I created a tag that reflected my split personality scrapping - one side digital and the other paper with a huge paper flower. Excuse the photos - the daylight was rapidly going as I made the flowers.

I cut out rough flowers shapes in three sizes of coredination card and three  sizes of circles from  an old dictionary.

I used a mix of pva and acrylic to coat both sides of dictionary paper and left to dry and then crumpled the disks

I then placed a blue disk on top of a flower shape and cut into the card to make more defined petal shapes - ending up with three blue circles and three orange card layers.
I took an emery board to the card to create a more distressed look

I fastened them together with a small flower brad
Finally I pinched all the petals to create a more petal shape
Soon I had a pile of flowers and it cost me little but time.

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