13 September 2010

Family Album - Glamorous Travels

Page one of layout
page two
The double lo effect
I have just completed the first page of the album for my mum that shows her parents in the 1930s in various exotic locations. I  found a sheet of paper I liked but wanted to make a double lo and it was missing a square I had cut out - the solution was to add plain blue card as inserts and cut the paper to make a trim. I wanted an old vintage feel and applied liberal amounts of stamps and then layered the pads over the lo to give the feel of old passport stamps. The lace was in a box given to me by my grandmother before she died and seems an appropriate embellishment.
Detail of velum transparency and rectangular stamping
The photos were matted onto old green paper and then vintage style postcard mats
The lace - and what a bathing suit!

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