15 August 2010

Look up and what do you see

Sunflowers and blue sky... bliss!
You can just spot a neighbour's rook here which shows the weird angle I was at
"Look up" was something I said to my kids all the time when they were growing up and it is now a bit of a mantra for us all whether we are walking in a city or the country as there is always so much to see. This morning I looked out my window to see bright blue sky having just read this challenge. I went out to our garden and decided to take a picture of my very large sunflowers against the sky. To take these photos I was squatting in the flower bed and looked very undignified especially as still had pj's on as when the moment takes you, you just have to look up.
My fence is 6 foot tall so this shows how big the sunflowers are getting.

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