25 April 2010

Marking overload and Romeo & Juliet - Ballet

Note to self try to avoid marking overload next year. It's that time of year again. Older pupils about to sit exams and suddenly want extra essays etc marked. Drowning in paper and red pen. I don't care what the edu pyscho babble people say - it's much easier to use a red pen,  green doesn't show up in same way. Need to resign myself  to the fact that if they don't know what demonstrate, technique, paradox, metaphor etc are now they never will.
We went to see Scottish Ballet's version of Romeo and Juliet on Saturday. The second act was excellent but the first act was a little messy and the storytelling got lost in the creative director's mind. The set was interesting but not sure why playing images of earthquake victimes when Tybalt murdered and someone should tell designer scooters and fascists were not really same era. Have promised we will do more cultural stuff but somehow great idea get lost along the way.
Oh and I started trying to loose weight today - which why I typing away trying to avoid eating chocolate...

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