19 March 2010

More ribbon and metal - Rule 3 Smile whatever the weather

Back to that mini book - the acrylic is really challenging me as I am trying to find ways to respond to Shimelle's class prompts and get the album to work. Everything I read in the past suggested this type of album had to be planned like a military operation and when I am in my happy crafting place planning and organising is the last thing I want to do. Far to much planning, organising and forward thinking at work. Crafting is my spontaneous response. I had found two pics of Lens Guy and me taken about a year apart. One was taken on the ferry to spain last summer when it was hot, the sun was setting and there was that romantic glow to the whole thing. The other was taken the year before on a very wet and dreach day on Lake Windemere. We had paid to go on the ferry trip down the lake and we were determined to sit outside whatever the weather. We were absolutely soaked through but still had that feeling of closeness and romance. Therefore Rule 3 is... Smile whatever the weather.
The pics below show a bit more detail. The circular ribbon mounts I made the other day by wrapping and sticking ribbon onto chipboard. The heart came from the DCWV Hippie Chic set. The ribbon was found in eldest daughter's stash box and I used metal staples to gather it. This was a way to still keep that translucent feel to the page on both sides. The border came about as the other side of page was my paper scraps border so the ideal solution was to use the scraps of ribbon left over from embellishments. I roughly sewed the ribbons to the back of the orange ribbon and stuck down. The paper was another scrap and I just tore and teased the edges a little more.


  1. Thank you so much for taking time to pop over to my blog & leave kind words! I am loving your Acrylic Album...not something I've tried for myself as yet...but I am currently working through a Bind-It-All course & lesson 5 is acrylics, so maybe I will be soon!!! Have a scrappy weekend! :)

  2. Fantastic use of ribbon. Great layout. Anesha :)