2 March 2010

Kitchen Notice boards as altered art style layout, step by step guide

Last night I was looking at the jumbled mess of the ephemera from the noticeboard I blogged about earlier and decided I had to do something with it. As the materials I had were messy, distressed and not great pics I decided they needed a different and too me - totally new approach. I have been watching too many Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday videos and have been inspired by her anything goes style. I photographed the process so here it is in all its messy glory.
Step 1 - I cut and stuck what I had onto white card (ever thrifty, it came from inside page protector). Many people would stop there but I just felt it needed so much more...
Step 2 - I mixed up some pva glue with dark blue acrylic paint and painted all over the page and then I switched to red acrylic paint.
Step 3 - I covered a corner of the page in pva glue and then stuck a sequin string that had fallen off a
bracelet. Then I got out the oil pastels and using a scalpel flicked bits onto the glue, then smudged it with my fingers. Super messy but great fun.

Step 4 - I took some glass beads I had stuck into a jam jar lid with pva glue (and left to set) the night before, prised them out with my scalpel and added to the page.
Step 5 - I had some yellowish Laura Ashley flock rub ons and I added these to different areas of the page. Then I took my aqua pro markers, coloured them in and wet them with a pva water solution. I then dabbed off some of the excess with a tissue (I did something to the tissue after that but that if for another day).

Step 6 - I added some staples and rub ons plus a musical chipboard note that I distressed and stamped. Finally I stuck on a butterfly that used to decorate a pair of shoes but had got knocked off.

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  1. I really like this I wish I could be brave and do something simillar. Well done. xx