6 March 2010

Clumping around in the mud

Having spent the week trying to decide whether I should be marching and demonstrating against education cuts or going to a crop today... I did not manage either. Last night I was exhausted and decided I could not manage either. I felt a little less tired this afternoon so Lens Guy and I decided we could no longer put off measuring the garden. As we have moved to a brand new house our garden consists of a muddy slope.We can't afford to "get it done" so it will be a diy job with help from friends and family. After converting the site plan from 1:1000 to a 1:50 scale plan inside we trudged outside to measure up. Each step on soil meant my wellies squelching and sinking down and then I needed to tug them out of the soil to make next step. We were trying to calculate the gradient and slop which ended up with us using a piece of string, a bamboo cane and some pretty accurate guesstimating once a measurement was taken. It seems to slop 80 cm up one way but also 20 cm another way - which means if we want any flat bits we will need to excavae the mud and build some kind of terraces.

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