9 March 2010

Attempts at being a domestic goddess and cupcakes.

If you think the finished article looks impressive that's okay but don't think I am much good at this stuff - read on and look at pics below to see my chaotic attempts at domesticity. If you have been dipping in and out of this blog you will have come to appreciate that I am not really your domestic goddess type. Life is just too short for all that stuff. I am lucky as Lens Guy is pretty nifty when it comes to domestic engineering - although he has a very scientific and organised approach to this. In fact youngest daughter and I are almost afraid to touch the dishwasher now in case we load it the wrong way. Apparently there is a wrong way and right way to load a dishwasher. Anyway back to almost goddess like moment. Today I was inspired to make chicken stock, homemade soup, tonight's dinner and enough to freeze for another day plus cupcakes. The reason I am blogging this is that it is not my usual mode of operation - usually I am in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible but today I was in the mood to cook and like all my projects I never quite know when to stop... I know most people are fans of cupcakes but sometimes it all seems a bit time-consuming and fiddly to me. Today I was in the zone and made some apple and raisin cupcakes with yogurt topping. I did make a mess as you can see... and at one point it was just this gloopy mess in the bowl and I was convinced it wouldn't work. They did rise and come out of oven and I even decorated them and put on pretty plates.

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