26 February 2010

Paperwork and making embellishments

Had one of those days today when I wanted to blog and craft but had other things to do first. Since we moved to this house in December we have had a wicker tray where all our opened post and miscellaneous junk has gone until it could be filed. We also seem to have grown a pile on top of the microwave and one on the work top. Today I decided enough was enough and I attacked that pile (not that I've been avoiding it you understand, just that life seems too short to deal with stuff like that) and created order again. The photo shows the top of the filing box with everything put away.

Last night I decided I wanted to play with paper, inks, embossing, glue, glossy accents and glitter and you can see some of the results here. More to follow tomorrow. I love the tree and think it so much prettier than its original chipboard shape that came as a magazine freebie. I covered it in pva and then poured on the Martha Stuart vintage glitter beads.
I then found a piece of an old capiz shell light fitting and sprinkled more beads and gems on top to create a pretty embellishment. The picture is a bit fuzzy but it's too dark now to take another.

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