1 February 2010

Finished book, Monday musings, Watch Glee

Well here it is the finished mini book. Am quite please that I managed to get all the colours from the word scrapbook into the mini book.
It is another freezing day in Scotland but at least the sun is shining. I am looking out over our back garden which is a sloping mess of churned mud. At least when we had snow for 4 weeks it looked quite pretty. We have just moved to this house which is brand new and a major change from our old, charming, leaking, flaking and very chilly victorian house. Now there is only three left of the family we thought we should get something easier to manage. Plus we moved out the city so far that it is not even the leafy suburbs but a whole new town. Anyway I will put up a picture of the muddy slope soon and then maybe over many months, years etc it might be possible to watch it grow. LG has decreed no grass. Whilst he maybe a whizz at the cooking and the domestic chores he does not do diy and as for gardening, especially cutting grass that is a no no. Youngest child and I quite fancy grass. LG's dad suggested we try the latest in plastic grass - and he could get us a discount. Not sure about that. Part of me wants low maintenance no hassle but I love growing things and am really going to miss the greenhouse from last house.
One of the great things about the move was I have been able to get a room to myself and I was fondly thinking of it as my "craft room". But then...I watched "Glee" and have decided to call it an art studio or study. Don't like to be associated with the crazy not pregnant lady. If you have not watched Glee you just have to catch it - funny, satirical and music. It is like a very dark and ironic high school musical with adult bits thrown in.
Need to go now and try and so more physio exercises to get this hip to work again. Hoping to make it back to work in a couple of weeks. TTFN

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