28 January 2010

First Foray into posting

I had just posted a message on Shimelle's page about "This is why I scrapbook" and the fact I have no blog. However have blogged before when in Canada in 2007 so just need to get going again... if I can remember what to do.
Without further ado here is front cover. I had lots of fun embellishing a mix of chipboard letters and a metal "h" that I cut out. Watch out for burning fingers when embellishing metal (you would think I would know but common sense seems to disappear when playing with paper and stuff). It is also quite subdued and pink for me but was just trying out some new techniques. On the other side I have started explaining why, or rather what my mini book will be about. Apart from the obvious about having fun and escaping into my own world I have decided it's a guilty pleasure. As I get to indulge myself by buying stash and stealing time for me. Most of my friends view scrapbooking and card making as eccentric. Some wonder why I spend money and time on paper, ribbons and bling instead of handbags and gladrags ... one of my answers is because it lasts for ever. I have written a list about who I am and I think each page is going to reflect a different part of me which should explain the why of the scrapbooking. I hope you follow because I'm not sure I do. Now I have to go as it is my turn to cook dinner and everyone is hungry and I have lost track of time yet again.

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