31 January 2010

Technology, iphones, cooking apps and mess

Thought last post all worked till I checked it out. I then tried to fix the mistakes several times. I think it works now but sometimes technology drives me mad. Well... I think it is more that I am far too impatient. As LG has pointed out on many occasions hitting the buttons again does not make it work! Maybe the new Apple touch pad thingy will improve my life but I'm not so sure. I own and love my ipod but have not yet bought into the iphone. I don't know why - LG, aka Uncle Gadget, has his surgically attached. When I try and text or surf using it I find I keep hitting the wrong buttons and I know I am not the only one. Next time you are out watch iphone owners cursing as they hit the wrong bit or bemusedly turning the thing round to get the screen the right way up. I know I will eventually get one and am a stick in the mud for persevering with a phone and an ipod but one is for communicating and one is for music. I think I maybe like their separate uses. Am I the only one? I suspect I am as on recent blogging and scrapping platforms people have been enthusing about the ability to use the apps on iphone to blog. LG has now bought the Jamie Oliver App and on Friday we had a lemon chicken and salsa meal which was very tasty. I think men (sexist I know) love the idea that a piece of techno kit can identify their three random ingredients, produce a recipe and then show you how to make it in 20 minutes. It wouldn't suit me as I make a huge mess as I cook and yes I do aim to use every pan and utensil in the kitchen and scatter them behind me. It is a good thing that Lens Guy cleans up after me although I wish he would not whisk my stirring spoon that I left lying by the hob into the dishwasher every time I put it done. As you can imagine this approach to cooking would not suit using a small piece of technology that requires you to press your sticky fingers all over it. Can you imagine making cupcake frosting and scrolling down to the next picture?

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